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Squishy Things

Halloween Recipes and other Fun!

Halloween and food go well together.
It is the time of make-believe horor and fun times.
Often we dressup in scary costumes and make special scary foods.
Here you will find some Halloween Recipes and Foods.
If you have your own special recipe, share (submit) with others here.
You can even search (dig) for a recipe buy ingredient or type of food.

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Brown Spiders
Ghost Cookies
Cat Litter Cake
Goblin crackers
Lizzard Punch
Black Rats
Wormy Sandwiches
Poop Dip
Graveyard Suprise
There's a Hand in my Punch
Spunky Spiders
Eyeball Punch
Worm Punch
Chuckie's Upchuck
Pimple Poppers
Brain Blobs
Mystic Punch
Pumpkin Pizza
Goulish Dip
Coffin Sandwiches
Monster Toes
Bloody Hand Punch
Witches's Hat
Deadman's Eyeballs
Sewer Soda!
Bloody Fruit Salad!
Frightful Fruit Punch!
Cricket Head Cookies!
Wormy Gelatin
Handy Punch
Baby Blue Eye Balls
Skelteton Bread
Spokey Spiders
Wormy Apples
Art Choked Me to Death Bread

Jack-O-Lantern Pattern Generator

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